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This is a still from my first photo shoot. Before I ever started making sets, it was just undies. The flowers were meant as decoration and we were to crop out the necessary bits so only the underwear were visible, but it being my first photo shoot, naturally I had no idea what to do and wound up putting the flowers over my chest. It was unexpected and my photographer and I broke down in laughter, and she managed to capture the tail end of it. 

This is the very essence of what the brand is about. We wanted to create lingerie that didn't take itself too seriously with pouty expressions and airbrushed images-- and there's nothing wrong with that, but we want to maintain genuineness that's representative of our customers. 

We draw inspiration from nature by combining earthy tones, rich hues, and botanical motifs with simple, streamlined, and classic silhouettes that are as wearable as they are comfortable. 



Earth-Friendly Practices

Queen of Suburbia aims to minimize our environmental footprint. That's why we've chosen business cards made from recycled cotton t-shirts, boxes that are made of 100% recycled content, and include eco-friendly Canadian-made rinseless soap samples with each parcel.  And after you've opened your order, don't forget to recycle! 


Wage Ethics

When you support Queen of Suburbia, know that in doing so you're ensuring that the skilled people involved in making your lingerie are paid fairly for their work and craftsmanship. 


All components used in Queen of Suburbia lingerie has undergone various tests to show how each part wears and tears. We're completely confident that everything used in our garments  are comfortable and will hold up wash after wash, from our jewelry-quality hardware to our resilient elastics.