It all started with a blog...

Growing up, bras never fit me. I would pick at the bands, tug at the cups, and fiddle with straps, but they always seemed to be made for someone else's body. I remember staring at glamorous images of models in lingerie  and started to resent my body for not looking like the models did in lingerie. It wasn't until I was properly fitted that I started my lingerie blog in 2013, which spurred the desire to start making my own lingerie. 

Fast forward a few years and I had 4 sewing machines and a dream, but I was in school poised to graduate with a degree I didn't want in order to get a job I wouldn't like. Finally, I made the decision to withdraw from my university and go to fashion school, and I haven't looked back. 


Why Custom Lingerie?

I became passionate about making lingerie that fits perfectly. Panties that don't ride up, bras that don't gape, and garter belts that don't dig are cornerstones of my brand, and I know that when you have lingerie that looks and feels great, you're going to be comfortable all day. And even if nobody else will see it, the most important person in your life will- you! 

I'm inspired by bright, bold colors and unique prints. Simplicity with a modern, feminine touch is what I aim to create with every piece. Rich textiles, supple laces, and luxe hardware is the framework of each design. Combine that with comfort, easy care, and an excellent fit, and you've got Queen of Suburbia.