Megan's Story

I never liked how bras fit me. I remember when I was growing up, I would look at product images of models and long for my body to look the way theirs did in lingerie. It wasn't until I was properly fitted that I started to feel confident about myself (and more comfortable!) I started a fit blog in 2013, and then stumbled upon a community of women making their own lingerie. I remember thinking, "wait, people can do that?" Something clicked, and I withdrew from my university English degree to pursue fashion education. I became passionate about making lingerie that fits perfectly. Panties that don't ride up, bras that don't gape, and garter belts that don't dig are cornerstones of my brand, and I know that when you have lingerie that looks and feels great, you're going to be comfortable all day. And even if nobody else will see it, the most important person in your life will- you! 

Queen of Suburbia was born in 2016 during the time that I was waiting to start fashion school. It started out with panties, because that's what I could make really well, and after school started, I was able to expand into everything else. 

I'm inspired by bright, bold colors and unique prints. Simplicity with a modern, feminine touch is what I aim to create with every piece. Rich textiles, supple laces, and luxe hardware is the framework of each design. Combine that with comfort, simple care, and an excellent fit, and you've got Queen of Suburbia.